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Bhagya Mandir is an institution that takes people towards a path in this runaway world where people can really connect with the world and see around them and understand how they can contribute to the society. is . Bhagya Mandir has been working for the last many years to solve the problems of the common man. Through the revered Guru Ji, his disciples and any new members who join the Bhagya Mandir family, provide them with the right guidance for various aspects of life. With the guidance of Guru ji, all the members of the Bhagya Mandir family continue to work in the public interest. The main focus of the institute is to make education and medicine accessible and free of cost to the common man at the lowest rung of the society. Continuous work is being done on education and medicine both at the government and non-government level in the society. But Bhagya Mandir wants to take this effort to a new dimension and take it to the poorest and helpless person of the society. Education and medicine is the biggest priority of Bhagya Mandir because through education the foundation of the coming civilized and self-reliant society can be laid and through medicine the society gets a right chance to live a high standard of life.

Humanity and the most worrying is the migration of humanity from within human beings. In today’s time, a human does not think about other human beings. Most of the people are engaged only in the race of material world and this It’s getting harder for them to know The real goal of man should be to take himself and his society to the peak of positivity. Having different types of anger, hatred and jealousy is one of the reasons for making your energy unbalanced. The institution removes such negative thoughts from the mind of today’s human and inspires them to work positively for themselves and for the society, the basis of the institution is to spread education and medicine in the society. But through different types of work, the effort of the organization remains that it should try to bring more and more people under the cover of this sacred thought.

Guru ji’s Guidance

A popular proverb which has been written by Kabir ji
Guru Govind Dou Khade Kake Lagoo Pay Balihari Guru You have told Govind Dio.

In this couplet it has been told that in order to walk on the true path, we need a Guru. Guru has been given the status above even God and the reason for this is that God cannot come in front of you and tell you the right path, so God presented the beautiful creation of Guru to human beings. Guru is actually a medium in our life to tell in all ways that what is the reality of life and what is the right way to live life Because in today’s time, due to worldly enjoyments, most of the human beings are saying that their goal should actually be something else. And the way of living your life by coming into the world is also completely different, which can be known only through the Guru.

The resolution taken by the revered Guru Ji, Shri Saurabh Ji, which is to continue the works of public welfare and to take the welfare of the people to a bigger level through the members of the Bhagya Mandir family. Through Guru ji one gets to know about the culmination of the practice of yoga because through yoga one can attain God. And in the journey of getting that opportunity, such divine powers come to man which can be the source of public welfare and real transformation of the world, but the point to be noted is that these divine powers are like a two-faced sword. If there is no eligibility for them in the human being and by some means he is able to get these powers, then it has been mostly seen.That those powers prove to be fatal for the world, it is said about the accomplishments and powers or that if the person who wears it is pure, then he does the work of public welfare and Guru ji is his living example. Always gets guidance, the organization continues to move towards its goal, but it also gets the guidance of Guru ji.

Functions of Bhagya Mandir

Bhagya Mandir mainly works on education and medicine.
Talking in terms of education, in about 27 centers in the Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh, those children who were not getting any kind of education are given introduction about basic education, where the Bhagya Mandir family members. The members are continuously doing this work and this work was first done in the whole of Uttar Pradesh.After that, the goal is to gradually reach all over India through other states, as we will continue to work on real development of education.

Talking in terms of medicine, the education of spiritual yoga is provided by Guru ji and by Guru ji. The work of spiritual counseling is done by the organization, in which the general public talks with Guru ji through different mediums to solve their different types of problems and know the real path of life through Guru ji. In today’s time, almost every age man has some kind of problem or the other, if we talk about those problems then that problem can be related to human relations with the work area of ​​man. It may be related to the economic side of man and there are many such problems whose solution is not visible to human beings and through Guru ji the solution and solution of those problems is found only after some time talks. Discuss about therapy Yoga and Naturopathy camps are organized by Bhagya Mandir through different means in which efforts are made to solve the problems of the people and it is also seen that the basis of Yoga and Naturopathy is given to the people. And every effort is made to explain that how we can cure the problems of the body with our own body Yoga teacher of Bhaag Mandir family

Bhagya Mandir

They engage in doing such works in the general public through different means.
Apart from education and medicine, Bhagya temple continues to work on another dimension which is Annadan. Grants are arranged by Bhagya temple at different places to ensure that more and more human beings sleep at night. . For which the members of Bhagya Mandir family keep working relentlessly.

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