• June 22, 2021 6:25 pm
  • Uttar Pradesh, India

JB Mall Defence Academy Having more than 40 years of par excellence with a profound and authoritative command on SSB’s Psychology. I have authored four books while doing 10 months Sadhana on the bank of Gomti river beside Khatu Ram Shani Mandir and further authored 4 more books with a rigorous struggle in two years of my Agyatvaas. I have produced thousands officers having taught in Cantt, Sainik School and at my own organization. I do possess profound command to find out that how a candidate is bounced from the SSB? and how can he get through? In the second step I diagnose with my psychological skills that where does a candidate stand? What is his intelligence level? And with this intelligent level how much time will he take to enter into the officer cadre? First time after the revival of this system in 1939

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